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         Because of you, so wonderful.


Autumn is a harvest season.  If there is no sweat in the field, how can it be so golden?

Bin Zhou Sheng Ying Aquatic Industry Co. is a scientific and modern enterprise which is mainly focus on cultivated, processed and sold of Fengnian Warm.

  The company has a total investment of 70 million RMB, covering an area of about 30 mu. Among them, the processing area of the Fengnian Eggs covers about 3000 square meters, and the factory area is well planned and equipped with completely hardware facilities. There are 8 immersion pools, 2 centrifuges, 6 drying boxes, 1 heating boiler, 2 suction screening systems, 1 forklift (3.5 tons), high degree of automation, and equipped with three special cold storage warehouses (about 700 square meters, storage capacity can be 3000 m³), annual processing capacity of 500 tons.

The company is engaged in the Fengnian Eggs industry for nearly 30 years, has accumulated a large number of technical and business professionals (about 20 professionals working in the plant). It has been in a leading position in the processing technology and occupies the dominant status in the field of product sales. Our products has been exported to Europe and Southeast Asian countries and regions, praised by the majority of users.

图片.pngThe establishment of enterprises, can not be separated from the active and diligent business partners. The development of enterprises needs fresh blood. Talents from different backgrounds, different experiences and different levels partners gather together to impact and encourage each other, so as to achieve a higher level career.

Our business is like a big family, with her broad-minded, accept all of us. All employees have different family background, personality, age, hobbies, educational level, social experience and employment experience, but they play different roles in the enterprise, contribute to our company. The growth of Bin Zhou Sheng Ying Aquatic Industry Co. is a common endeavor from everyone of Sheng Ying people. You are all the pride of the enterprise and the protagonist of the enterprise.

Our hard work will bring a more brightly future and we are going to meet more and more harvest Autumn together!