25kg Bucket Brine Shrimp Eggs

25kg Bucket Brine Shrimp Eggs

The brine shrimp egg is wonderful fodder for feeding shrimps and fish. The larva of the brine shrimp egg has high protein,therefore it is a fantastic biological fodder of fishes, shrimps and crabs especially for babies of them. The products are packed by 25kg buckets.

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Product Details

1. Product Introduction



Brine shrimp egg is wonderful fodder for feeding shrimps and fish. The larva of the brine shrimp egg has high protein,therefore it is a fantastic biological fodder of fishes, shrimps and crabs especially for babies of them. By careful screening and processing with the use of the most advanced processing equipment and technology, our products have abundant nutrition without impurity.


2.Product Parameter


Grain/g > 300000, protein > 70%, lipid >20%, highly unsaturated fatty acid 15mg>g, DW  ash specification 12%, water content 5-8%, hatching rate >90% ,impurity <1%


3. Product Package and Storage

The products are packed by 25kg buckets.

Our products should be kept out of direct sunshine. For short term storage, store brine shrimp eggs in a cool dry place. If they are not used immediately, keep the container tightly sealed to prevent the contents from moisture. Once the container has been opened, use within a few days time. While for long term storage: keep frozen at (0ºC) -17ºC or below. Please under refrigerated conditions between 0 °C and +5°C for up to 24 months.

Please keep 12 hours outside once the brine shrimp eggs are taken from storage,then to hatch.


4. Product Features

Our products have high hatching rate and plentiful nutrition, and they can adapt the  adverse environment, thus they has good fertility.


5. Instruction of Hatching

Hatching condition: Temperature:28-30℃, PH value: 8-9, Water: seawater 2-3%

Illumination: 1000-2000LX  continuous lighting

Aerification: pouring 200ml water and 0.25g ovum into the the tapered glass tube to hatch. The aeration rate is decreasing from beginning to the end of the process, and the ovum drifts in the water adequately



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