Bagged Brine Shrimp Eggs

Bagged Brine Shrimp Eggs

Brine shrimp egg is the good fodder that fits in feeding shrimps and fish. It can acclimatize the adverse environment, and has good fertility. The larva of the brine shrimp egg is nutrition with high protein, so it is the fantastic biological fodder of shrimps, fishes and crabs.

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Product Details

 1. Product Introduction


Brine shrimp egg is the wonderful fodder that is fit to feed shrimps and fish. It can acclimatize the adverse environment, and has good fertility. The larva of the brine shrimp egg is nutrition with high protein, so it is the fantastic biological fodder of shrimps, fishes and crabs. By careful screening and processing with the use of the most advanced processing equipment and technology, our product has high hatching rate and plentiful nutrition.


2. Product Parameter


Grain/g > 300000, protein > 70%, lipid >20%, highly unsaturated fatty acid 15mg>g, DW  ash specification 12%, water content 5-8%, hatching rate >90% ,impurity <1%


3. Product Package and Storage

The products are packed by bags, which are very easy to deal with after the packages are opened.


4.Instruction for Use

First, use the conical incubator, put 1.5-2g of brine shrimp eggs per liter of sea water.

Then, make this hatching condition: Temperature:28-30℃, PH value: 8-9, water: sea water 2-3% ,continuous lighting : 1000-2000LX; continue to inflate and keep the eggs suspended and rolling.

Finally, after 24 hours, the hatching will stop and the hatching is completely floating on the surface of water, and the larvae are placed in 200 mesh bags at the bottom of the conical incubator.


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