Bagged Decapsulated Brine Shrimp Eggs

Our product, decapsulated brine shrimp eggs have abundant nutrition, such as ample protein and unsaturated fattyacid that are good and healthy for baby shrimps and fishes.

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Product Details

1.Product Introduction


Decapsulated brine shrimp egg is the excellent fodder for feeding baby shrimps and fishes. The larva of the brine shrimp egg is nutrition with high protein, thus it is a fantastic biological fodder of baby seedlings. The decapsulated brine shrimp eggs are produced by chemical approach, and this method can simplify the procedure of hatching and reserve nutrition of artemia. Our products can replace brine shrimps to feed shrimps, fishes and crabs, and are the best opening bait for many kinds of shrimps and fishes.

2.Product Parameter


Grain/g > 300000, protein > 70%, lipid >20%, highly unsaturated fatty acid 15mg>g, DW  ash specification 12%, water content 5-8%, hatching rate >90% ,impurity <1%



3.Product Package and Storage


The products are packed by bags, for they are easy to discard after opening packing.


4. Product Advantage

Our products can directly be used to feed seedlings without hatching, and the size is suitable for feeding baby seedlings. Decapsulated brine shrimp eggs have more nutrition, because when the brine shrimp eggs are in dormant period, they will not consume any energy, they keep more nutrition. For our products do not experience hatching process, the nutrition will not run off. They have ample protein and unsaturated fattyacid that are good and healthy for baby shrimps and fishes.

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