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Artemia breeding management
- Feb 11, 2018 -

Artemia breeding does not require a lot of water change as shrimp farming, but due to the sun's exposure day by day, it is bound to gradually increase the salinity of water, negative impact on Artemia growth. Therefore, often add some evaporated or replaced water, the best replenishment of unicellular algae shrimp ponds or low-salinity river water rich in organic matter. If heavy rainfall or short-term falls will also reduce brine salinity pond, then the upper gate to open drainage gate to drain off the upper of the low salt water. Then add some high brine can be. Patrol observation of Artemia activity state is normal, under normal circumstances, Artemia is a backstroke posture, two rows of swimming foot paddle constantly, the body moves forward slowly, exercise in the filter, sunny weather In the upper water to the direction of the sun cluster cloudy days generally underwater activity, but also to observe the Artemia several times a day is in normal form, under normal circumstances, Artemia generally red, Artemia body color with salt The level of the degree of change, the higher the salinity deeper body color. Daily determination of water temperature, salinity and other conventional indicators make a record. If the temperature is too high at noon more than 33 ℃, should be appropriate to add some water cooling. Salinity should be maintained at about 90 ‰. Transparency, ammonia nitrogen, dissolved oxygen, pH, specific gravity, redox potential and other indicators, but also to make regular measurements and record the archive. Artemia density measurement and observation pond daily in different parts of the pond, repeated with a large beaker at different depths sampling times, to calculate the average and make a record, or use the plankton trawl drag a distance before the calculation of water, Thus determining the density of Artemia, these data are the basis for determining the fishing season.