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Artemia spawning habits
- Feb 11, 2018 -

Spawning habits: Artemia are dioecious, but in spring and summer parthenogenesis, usually seen as female. Males see less. From late June to late November are Artemia breeding season. In spring and summer females produce eggs (non-spermatozoa), maturity without fertilization hatch can be nauplii, develop into females. Autumn changes in environmental conditions, the sexual reproduction line, this time the male appeared dormant period (also known as winter eggs). Autumn and winter seasons, temperature drop, salinity decreased, dissolved oxygen decreased by 2 mg / l and other environmental factors, can cause Artemia produce resting eggs. Dormant eggs have a thicker shell, round, taupe, diameter 2.00-2.80 mm. Due to origin, season, different reproduction methods vary in size. Floating in the water or suspended in the water, can swim through the cold mud in the water, can survive in dry or other harsh environments, it can be long-term preservation. Artemia females have the habit of holding eggs. Summer eggs produced by the female may develop within the oocyst and hatch after nauplii and leave the mother. Each fecundity of 70-110 or so, but under the conditions of indoor culture, their fecundity less, each about 30-40. Each female body spawns about 3 times in a lifetime

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