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Breeding brine shrimp
- Feb 11, 2018 -

Harvest shrimp in the early tropical fish reference books are often referred to as small shrimp, fish breeder best friend,

In the absence of brine shrimp, there will be a great obstacle in breeding work. Its nauplii is the best choice for the first meal of many tropical fish. The brine shrimp is not really a shrimp, But is a kind of bent feet, scientific name Artemiasp. Distributed in lagoons around the world, according to research reports pointed out that there are natural brine shrimp in the North Gate Township, Tainan County, there is a wide range to adapt to a very wide range of salinity, From five thousandths to ninety thousandths survives (salinity of normal seawater ranges from thirty thousandths to thirty-five thousandths), eggs produced at higher salinity are thicker Wall, long-term resistance to adverse environmental factors harm, to protect the dormant embryos in which we call durable eggs, which is currently on sale in the market year-old shrimp eggs, until the environment suitable for reproductive survival of shrimp, and then break Out of the proliferation of race.