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Feng shrimp isolated collection
- Feb 11, 2018 -

Hatchery brine shrimp collection can use the plankton net (60mesh above) to carry out, if plankton net can not be obtained, you can go to art materials to buy printed cloth, which can be used to collect brine shrimp. In addition, due to unhatched pheasant shrimp eggs and the remaining empty egg shell after hatching, are unable to digest the fry, it is necessary to hatch nauplii and un hatched eggs and eggshell to be separated; After pumping for a while, due to the difference in weight, we can observe that the whole water can be divided into three layers. From top to bottom are the empty shells after hatching, like the red cloudless nauplii and Harvest hatchlings have not hatched or have died. Therefore, we can use the principle of the suction tube to siphon the nauplii to the collection network aspiration to collect, so you can get very pure brine shrimp, and nauplii have phototaxis (directed light source gathered instinct), so in the application A small bulb can be placed on the side of the incubator to attract nauplii to gather for better separation. Stand still do not cheer the longer the separation effect is better, but standing for too long does not cheer will lead hatchlings died of oxygen deficiency, in general, about half an hour to one hour is appropriate, but with Harvest shrimp hatch different levels of change, you readers best to observe their own decision after the rest time.