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Harvest Moon shrimp hatching method
- Feb 11, 2018 -

There are currently two ways to hatch

1) shallow plate hatching method: Take a long and shallow tray into the previously prepared hatching water, the brine shrimp eggs evenly sprinkled on the water,

After standing for 24 to 36 hours will hatch into nauplii, collection of nauplii gathered to one end of the plate collected by dropper spare, this method is not suitable for a large number of hatch use.

2) Deep-water hatching method: Take a deep and wide container (currently the most common hatchery container in the family of tropical fish lovers, which is the two-liter bottle), inject the prepared hatching water and pour in appropriate amount of brine shrimp eggs, Then insert the inflatable hose to inflate the way the water rolling, shrimp eggs in the water tumbling, after 24 to 36 hours after hatching into nauplii, is the most common method. This article will be the main operation of this method as an example to detail.