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The effect of the bumper insect
- Jun 07, 2018 -

    It is also known as brine shrimp or fairy shrimp, because of its graceful posture and gentle color. Arthropod gate of the genus bumper. Nauplii nauplii has a large number of eggs and contains rich protein and fat (Note: protein contains about 60% and fat contains about 20). The adult worm also contains abundant protein, which is an excellent protein resource.

    The amino acids in different stages of growth are basically the same, but there are certain differences in their contents. The adult worm and egg contain 16 kinds of amino acids, of which 6 essential amino acids, 10 kinds of non essential amino acids, and the total amount of amino acids in adult and eggs accounts for 54.3% and 53.51% of the crude protein. There are 16 kinds of fatty acids in the different growth stages, of which 3 kinds of saturated fatty acids are low in content, 13 kinds of unsaturated fatty acids, high content, and 80.45% and 81.24% of adult and eggs, respectively, and the content of fatty acids is much higher than that of polyene fatty acids.

    It has high nutritional value. Its adult, young and shelled eggs can be used as bait for fish, shrimp, crab and so on. So it has been widely paid attention to. In addition, the factory is also processed for the sale of the advanced feed with packaging to increase the benefit; because the good year insects can eat a lot of food, this characteristic is used by the scientific research department. As a living "drug tailor", the research structure of its nutritional value has been gradually formed in recent years, and it is applied to the industry of food, medicine, cosmetics and so on. The abundance of unsaturated fatty acids is one of the three most important diseases in the world. Unsaturated fatty acids can regulate blood lipid metabolism, inhibit cancer, improve body metabolism and enhance the immune function of the body, and can also prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and atherosclerosis.