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What is shrimp artemia prawn?
- Aug 18, 2018 -

    Shrimp artemia prawn, also known as Prawn fairy shrimp, is widely distributed in land salt fields or salt lakes, with high nutritional value. Beautiful posture and soft colors.The winter eggs of the shrimp are very special dormant eggs, which can be dried and canned, sold on shelves in the form of commodities, and can be easily hatched as high-quality live food. The shrimp is widely used in aquaculture.

    Prawns have many advantages, such as easy collection of long-lasting eggs in large quantities and long shelf life; easy incubation of long-lasting eggs into nauplius larvae in about one day; less deterioration of water quality for live baits; slow swimming; moderate size; rich in protein and fatty acids. Therefore, it is a good food for fish, shrimps and other seedlings.


    A type of crustacean that can live in brine. A member of the arthropod phylum class Crustacea. Widely distributed in Saline Lake and salt ponds around the world. It is a typical super saline organism. The body is slender, usually 1.2 to 1.5cm. The head has a pair of stalked eyes and a single eye. Small antennae filamentous. The large antennae of the female are small protuberances, and the antennae of the male become traps with large flat appendages at the end. The thoracic limb is 11 pairs, with wide plates, swimming limbs and respirators. The abdomen consists of 8 sections, with two flat tail forks and bristles at the ends. The size of the fork and the number of bristles vary with the salt content in the water. The first two segments of the abdomen heal. In females, the ventral surface forms oocysts, and males are paired males. Parthenogenetic reproduction in Artemia salina in spring and summer season. Sexual reproduction occurs when climatic conditions change. The winter shrimp artemia prawn has a very thick shell and can withstand harsh environmental conditions in the bottom sludge. When the condition is suitable, hatch the larvae again. Artemia is fast growing, with short reproductive cycle and strong adaptability. Larvae and adults are excellent fresh baits for marine and freshwater aquaculture animals. Artemia can filter algae and solid suspended particles in salt field, clarify the water quality and improve the quality of salt production. With the development of aquaculture, the economic value of Artemia is more important.