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Analysis And Detection Of The Nutritive Components Of The Eggs Of A High Year Old Insect
- May 12, 2018 -

   The egg is rich in protein, the amino acid composition is complete, the content of crude fat is high, the unsaturated fatty acid is higher than the saturated fatty acid, the unsaturated fatty acid of the shell egg is 48.15%, and the shelled egg is 54.82%. The saturated fatty acids of the shell eggs are 1.5 times that of the shelled eggs. The shell of the egg is a kind of iron - containing lipoprotein. The larvae of fish and shrimp can not digest it. But animal experiments have proved that mice can digest the egg shell of the Artemia, so it is not necessary to consider the shell in the processing of food with the egg of a rich year, and some unsaturated fatty acids and inorganic elements are high in the shell, such as DHA (twenty-two carbon six enoic acid), Se, Zn, Fe and so on. Gamma linolenic acid (essential fatty acids), while DHA and EPA were significantly higher than those of the control group. Another characteristic is that the content of Fe2+ in the liver can be obviously increased. Fe2+ is the main component of heme, so the egg can be used as a kind of blood supplement, and the egg can increase the content of brain protein. From the nutritional analysis, we can confirm that the eggs of abundant year are rich in protein, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids and inorganic elements. Animal experiments showed that edible eggs had no effect on blood lipids, and increased the levels of DHA, EPA and heme and brain protein in liver. How to detect the true and false eggs of a bumper insect? The following is an exclusive introduction to you.

1, finger tip

Add two pieces of genuine and false prawn eggs into small amounts of water separately. The shrimp will gather like flour. The shrimp's egg feel like a round fine sand and will not gather together.

2. Is it sticky

A small amount of water is placed in two different shrimp eggs, and the eggs will be glued together to form a ball shaped object. The true shrimp eggs are granular and will not be glued together.

3, precipitation detection

Two equally measured true and false shrimp eggs were added to the test tube to add the same amount of water, shake well and precipitate for about 20 minutes. The false shrimp eggs would have white substance, and the remaining amount decreased significantly. True shrimp eggs will not have white matter precipitation, the amount will not be reduced.

4, iodophor titration

Add two shrimp eggs into the test tube, add the same amount of water, shake it evenly, add the same amount of iodophor, and the water in the shrimp's eggs will turn black and blue. The water in the egg of true shrimp is diluted by Iodophor - pale yellow.

5, microscope test

A small amount was taken from two shrimps and placed on a glass slide and compacted with a drop of water. Under the microscope, the pseudo shrimp eggs are black and irregular geometry, and the true shrimp eggs are pale yellow round.