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Application Of Brine Shrimp
- Feb 11, 2018 -

Juvenile shrimp adult application Juvenile shrimp adult has a very high nutritional value, containing 60% protein, ash 10%, in addition to a variety of essential amino acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids, but also contains more vitamins. Can be fed directly, for a variety of aquatic animals larvae or adult (ornamental fish). Feng shrimp contains more peeling hormone, can promote sexual maturity of broodstock. Since 1980, the development of prawn aquaculture in our country has made an unprecedented increase in the use of brine shrimp. Brazil and Thailand, respectively, with fresh shrimp farming shrimp feed larvae and milkfish larvae, have been good feeding effect. There is plenty of fresh brine shrimp for sale in Yantian, Brazil and California in the United States, while artificially-grown brine shrimp are sold in Thailand, the Philippines and Australia. About 20 companies in the world specialize in producing adult frozen shrimp and canned shrimp. To 15g per tonne of water to put the quality of brine harvest eggs, a week can produce 20kg adult (wet weight) or 2kg brine shrimp products.