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Artemia Nourishment Ingredients
- Feb 11, 2018 -

Artemia is rich in protein, amino acid composition, crude fat content is relatively high, of which unsaturated fatty acids

For saturated fatty acids, the unspiked fatty acids with shelled eggs were 48.15%, while those with shelled eggs were 54.82%. The saturated fatty acids with shelled eggs are 1.5 times the shelled eggs. Artemia egg shell is an iron-containing lipoprotein, larvae of fish and shrimp can not digest it. However, animal experiments show that mice can digest the brine shrimp egg shell, so there is no need to consider the shell with Artemia egg processing problems, and some unsaturated fatty acids, inorganic elements in the shell is relatively high, such as DHA (docosahexa Se, Zn, Fe, etc .; eating crushed, shelling Artemia eggs can improve the animal liver γ-linolenic acid (essential fatty acids), while the DHA and EPA were significantly higher than the control group. Another characteristic is that it can significantly increase the content of Fe2 + in the liver. Fe2 + is the main component of heme. Therefore, Artemia can be used as a hemostatic agent, and Artemia can enhance brain protein content. Artemia can be identified from nutrient analysis is rich in protein, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids and inorganic elements. Animal experiments show that eating Artemia has no effect on blood lipids, but also to improve the liver DHA, EPA and heme and brain protein content.