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Artemia Two Types
- Feb 11, 2018 -

There are two types of Artemia, one is Parthenogenesis Artemia, one is amphipathic Artemia. It is generally believed that parthenogenetic Artemia and Amphibious Artemia, even when living in the same area, also have reproductive isolation, which is the difference between species.

Artemia breeding oviparous and oviparous reproduction of two ways. Oviparous refers to the progeny in the form of eggs produced from the mother, oviparous refers to the offspring from the mother's body has hatched when the production of nauplii. The female Artemia reproductive system can form two types of eggs - winter eggs and summer eggs. It is generally believed that when the environmental conditions are good, the summer eggs are produced, and the winter eggs are produced when the conditions are poor. Winter eggs (also known as resting eggs, durable eggs), which is the brine we used in aquaculture eggs.