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Harvest Moon Shrimp Problems In The Application
- Feb 11, 2018 -

According to the breeding object using different egg sizes shrimp eggs can save food, thereby raising the quality of nursery and reduce costs. Nutritional Enhancement Currently on the market, Commodities brine shrimp eggs are mainly produced in the United States, but the ω3 series of highly unsaturated fatty acids are significantly deficient. The newly hatched brine shrimp larvae can also be used for shrimp breeding. If used to feed marine larvae, Cause nutritional deficiencies. In order to improve the nutritional level of brine shrimp, concentrated MC (Chlorella vulgaris) feeding and fish oil products are usually taken. However, due to the intestinal tract of brine shrimp hard to digest the cell wall hard MC and baker's yeast; and because most fish oil products will be attached to the body surface of brine shrimp, resulting in decline in abundance of brine shrimp. Therefore, the development of good nutrition fortifier to be further studied in the future. Nutritional enrichment of brine shrimp should pay attention to its rationality, if the live bait for larval fish, more use of DHA, phospholipids and ascorbic acid (Vc) to strengthen the general two days continuous DHA feeding rotifers sufficient to meet Physiological needs of larvae. If the larvae have obtained sufficient ω3HUFA during the rotifer feeding stage, the nutrition enhancement of the brine shrimp should not be overemphasized, as excessive nutrition is not conducive to individual development. Shrimp hatchlings eat shrimp, drugs are directly into the body of fish and shrimp, played a preventive effect of disease. search for