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Nutrients Of Adult Brine Shrimp Eggs
- Sep 27, 2018 -

    There are abundant protein, complete amino acid composition and high content of crude fat in the Bagged Artemiaeggs. The unsaturated fatty acids are higher than the saturated fatty acids. The unsaturated fatty acids of eggs with shells are 48.15% and 54.82% respectively. The saturated fatty acids of the shell eggs are 1.5 times that of the shelled eggs. The shell of the egg is a kind of iron - containing lipoprotein. The larvae of fish and shrimp can not digest it. However, animal experiments have proved that mice can digest the eggshell of Artemia spp. Therefore, it is not necessary to consider the shell problem when processing food with eggs of Agaricus spp. Some unsaturated fatty acids and inorganic elements are high in the shell, such as DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), Se, Zn, Fe and so on. Gamma linolenic acid (essential fatty acids), while DHA and EPA were significantly higher than those of the control group. Another characteristic is that the content of Fe 2+ in the liver can be significantly increased, and Fe 2+ is the main component of heme. Hence, the egg can be used as a blood tonic, and eating the egg can increase the content of brain protein. Nutritional analysis showed that the eggs were rich in protein, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids and inorganic elements. Animal experiments showed that the diet of eggs had no effect on blood lipids, and could increase the contents of DHA, EPA, heme and brain protein in liver.