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Precautions For The Breeding Of Shrimp Eggs
- Jul 14, 2018 -

      According to the shrimp eggs used by breeding objects with different egg diameters, bait can be saved, so as to improve the quality of seedling and reduce the cost. At present, the eggs of the commodity rich year shrimp are mainly in the United States, but their Omega 3 series of high unsaturated fatty acids are obviously insufficient. In order to improve the nutritional level of the shrimp, we usually use concentrated MC (Chlorella Microcystis) to feed and fish oil products. However, because the intestines of the shrimp are difficult to digest, MC and bread yeast are hard to digest.

    Most fish oil products are attached to the surface of the shrimp egg, resulting in decreased vitality of the shrimp. Therefore, the development of good nutritional fortifier needs further study in the future. The nutritional strengthening of the prawns should be paid attention to its rationality. If DHA, phospholipid and ascorbic acid (Vc) are used to strengthen the live bait of the larvae, the 2 day continuous feeding of the rotifer which has been strengthened by DHA is enough to meet the physiological needs of the larvae. If the larvae get enough Omega 3HUFA in the stage of feeding the rotifer, the nutritional strengthening of the prawns should not be overemphasized, because too much nutrition is not conducive to the development of the larvae.