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The Benefits Of The Hatchery Of A Bumper Egg
- Jun 05, 2018 -

    In the process of prawn breeding, bumper bug plays a very important role. It is the main food for prawn larvae. It can be said that the quality of the shrimp must be cultivated by a good year old bug. In order to effectively control the quality of the bumper bug, the seedling farm usually buys the eggs of the year of the year, and hire the workers to hatch according to the demand for raising seedlings. However, in recent years, the reporters of the southern rural newspapers learned in Zhanjiang that there were also a number of shrimp farms to save cost and energy and to buy shrimp seedlings from ready to harvest worms.

   It is possible to produce good quality shrimps if we cultivate the quality of the year bug. The quality of the insect produced by others is not controllable. According to the feeding amount of the shrimp, it was only 2-3 yuan higher than the ready-made, but the vitality, the long speed and the disease resistance of the shrimps were very different.Buying insects on credit is an important factor in promoting the development of this industry. The profit of selling the ready year bumper is very high. In order to attract the small farm, most of the seedling farms are sold on credit. The small shrimp plantlets are not high in the quality of the shrimps, which can reduce the investment by credit and reduce the trouble of hatching the bumper year.

    Ready-made bumper bugs seem cheap, but they are not cheap. But these insects are all weighed with water and ice. The weight of water may be more than that of the worm itself, which is more expensive than the hatching itself. During the cultivation of the shrimp, the cost of the harvest is about 1/3 of the total cost of the total sports seedlings. Therefore, the purchase of the ready made year insect not only increases the cost of seedling raising, but also easily leads to the decline of the quality of the shrimps. It is understood that the price of the egg in the market is very different, the price of the good quality year egg is up to 3600-4800 yuan per box (4 catties), and the cheap egg of a good year is only a few hundred yuan a box.