Top Shrimp Flakes

  • Shrimp Flake Fish Food

    Shrimp Flake Fish Food

    The shrimp flake is the wonderful fodder for seedlings at their early age. It can promote seedlings’ digestive absorption, increase the growth speed and improve survival rate. Besides, it is so fit and will not affect water quality. And the shrimp flake is beneficial for...Read More
  • Brine Shrimp Flakes

    Brine Shrimp Flakes

    The shrimp flake is the excellent fodder for baby fish and shrimps. The shrimp flakes in our company have rich nutrition and high quality, which are suitable for baby fishes. Our products have many kinds of nutrition like amino acid,vitamin, mineral substance and...Read More
  • Finest Fish Food Shrimp Flakes

    Finest Fish Food Shrimp Flakes

    Shrimp flakes are the important diet for baby fish, crabs and shrimps. Shrimp flakes produced by our company have ample nutrition and high quality and they will be beneficial for seedlings’ palatability, and do not have any antibiotics.Read More
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